Interview Hints & Tips

Always prepare and be enthusiastic

Prepare, prepare and prepare!

Interviews aren’t the kind of thing every body looks forward to, but they can be fun and enjoyable if you prepare yourself well and practice to calm your nerves.
So, don’t forget, this is about selling you…everybody sells in all walks of life and this is no different.

Your Skills
  • Number one rule…Smile! With your eyes too!
  • Go over your strengths with a friend
  • Nobody likes to talk about their weaknesses, identify yours and turn in to a positive
  • Highlight where you have used your strengths in the past to your advantage
  • Communicate clearly, covering what you are all about
  • Don’t forget eye contact when listening and talking
The Employer

Any employer will be looking for what you also know about the company and the role you have applied for, this shows you’re interested! So have the following questions already answered in your head.

  • What you know about the company
  • Why you would like to work there
  • What you can do for them…add value!

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